Virtual Servers

Unleash the power of KVM-based Virtual Servers.

Package CPU Ram Disk Bandwith Price
Package nameKVM-1G CPU1 Core Ram1 GB Disk10 GB Bandwidth10 TB Price$4.99 monthly$53.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-2G CPU2 Core Ram2 GB Disk20 GB Bandwidth20 TB Price$7.99 monthly$83.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-4G CPU2 Core Ram4 GB Disk40 GB Bandwidth40 TB Price$10.99 monthly$119.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-8G CPU4 Core Ram8 GB Disk100 GB Bandwidth80 TB Price$18.99 monthly$215.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-16G CPU6 Core Ram16 GB Disk250 GB Bandwidth125 TB Price$30.99 monthly$359.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-32G CPU8 Core Ram32 GB Disk750 GB Bandwidth175 TB Price$69.99 monthly$827.88 yearly Order Now
Package nameKVM-64G CPU16 Core Ram64 GB Disk2520 GB Bandwidth333 TB Price$118.99 monthly$1415.88 yearly Order Now
Designed To Scale

Features that brings maximum power to your business.

Instant Activation

Experience the speed of instant activation: launch your services instantly and seamlessly after payment!

99.99% Server Uptime

Server uptime for uninterrupted online presence and maximum business continuity.

Multiple Data Centers

Strengthening your online presence with global reach and unparalleled resilience.

DDoS Protected

Stay protected from online threats with DDoS Mitigation included.