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IP Transit

From 1Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond, Terabit has your IP transit needs covered. US, CA, UK, EU, APAC.

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10Gbps Dedicated

10Gbps Dedicated IP Transit Circuit.

  • LOA Provided.
  • 10Gbps Unmetered and Dedicated Circuit.
  • Fiber Handoff.
  • BGP Session included.

  • $499 / month

    10Gbps on 100Gbps

    10Gbps Dedicated IP Transit Circuit on 100Gbps.

  • LOA Provided.
  • 10Gbps CDR on 100Gbps Port.
  • Fiber Handoff.
  • BGP Session included.

  • $999 / month

    30Gbps on 100Gbps

    30Gbps Dedicated IP Transit Circuit on 100Gbps.

  • LOA Provided.
  • 30Gbps CDR on 100Gbps Port.
  • Fiber Handoff.
  • BGP Session included.

  • $1699 / month

    In the ever-expanding digital landscape, the decision to choose the right IP transit provider for your needs is pivotal.

    When you're hosting your project, your business, your digital passage, your game server, you deserve the best you can get. You need reliability, you need stability and uptime. You need DDoS Mitigation. You need Terabit. Terabit does not compromise on giving you the best that you need. From the hardware, to the software and the network, you're always in first place. Never settle for less than excellent. You're in the right place.

    Pick Your Location

    Deploy in any of our supported Global Points of Presence. Pick the location that matters to you.

    Stateful Mitigation

    Opt in to our Volumetric On-Demand Filtering with your IP Transit circuit. Available everywhere.

    Full Privacy

    Your dedicated circuit is dedicated to just you -- no neighbours. Use the port how you'd like.

    24 / 7 Support

    Our services are backed with our in-house support team available 24x7. No compromises.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is none. The circuits provided are fully dedicated to you, and an LOA is supplied by our team to connect to us. Give that to your datacenter, wire up and get pushing bandwidth.

    IP Transit circuits do not have bandwidth limitations. Any overages in the CDR (e.g., 10Gbps on 100Gbps) is billed according to the signed rate.

    A BGP session is included out of the box free of charge. You can configure your router to peer the same day the circuit is turned up. Full IPv4 and IPv6 tables available.

    All IP Transit circuits in-region qualify for access to our Volume Mitigation free of charge. Out-of-region mitigation requests are considered Remote Protection and billed accordingly.



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