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Terabit Partner Program

Join our partner program and reach milestones to unlock new rewards


Silver Partner

At Terabit, we believe in fostering long-term relationships, by supporting our partners and creating lasting partnerships. You will join the Silver Partner rank when your monthly spend reaches $2.500/month, unlocking 7% discount on all future purchases with terabit.


Gold Partner

You will join the Gold Partner rank when your monthly spend reaches $7.500/month. The Gold Partner rank unlocks various perks such as 1 free remote hands a month, a dedicated account manager, a private channel with our team, and a 14% discount on future purchases.


Diamond Partner

Reaching the Diamond Partner rank is something special. Your monthly spend will have reached $20.000/month, and you will be be receiving prioritized support, 24/7 oncall staff, monthly status meetings with our engineers and a 20% discount on all future purchases.