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Choose the specs for your Palworld server!

1. Choose Location:

  A server location that is closer to you & your player base.

2. Choose CPU / Threads:

  Maximize gaming performance with customizable CPU/thread options.

Selected 1 CPU / Thread(s)

3. Choose RAM:

  Level up your gameplay with flexible RAM configurations.

4. Choose Storage:

  Boost your storage for uninterrupted experiences without maxing out your server.

Most asked questions.

Enjoy your Palworld server powered by AMD Ryzen 7900 and 7950X processors, with baked-in DDoS mitigation and 24x7 support.

Full management, including file management, DDoS mitigation, console and plugin support.

Contact our 24/7 support team which is standing by, or Community Support available in our Discord.

Your setup is

$0.00 / month

  • 1 CPU/Thread(s)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas Location
  • 24 / 7 Premium Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Instant Setup

Setup your server


Configure your plan to what suits your needs. Scale up and down from there as you grow.


Full console at your fingertips, have full control like a bare metal machine, without the hassle.


We automatically capture daily backups, which we can restore to for you.

Logs Viewer

View logs and files through our interactive panel to manage the game server.

In the ever-evolving world of Palworld hosting, selecting the perfect hosting company for your server is absolutely essential.

When you're hosting your project, your business, your digital passage, your game server, you deserve the best you can get. You need reliability, you need stability and uptime. You need DDoS Mitigation. You need Terabit. Terabit does not compromise on giving you the best that you need. From the hardware, to the software and the network, you're always in first place. Never settle for less than excellent. You're in the right place.

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