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Welcome to Terabit Hosting

Where passion meets technology and privacy

Unlock limitless growth potential for your business with our global cutting-edge, high-performance network solution, with over 6Tbit per second DDoS mitigation capacity. Designed with privacy and state-of-the-art hardware at the forefront, we offer the perfect platform to scale your operations securely and seamlessly.

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AMD Ryzen 7900 Game Servers

Choose between 12 different games



Reduced from $12

5 Different Locations

Package Specifications

  • 1 AMD Ryzen 7900 thread
  • 2GB DDR5 @ 5600MHz
  • 10GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • 6 Tbit/s DDoS protection



Reduced from $25

5 Different Locations

Package Specifications

  • 2 AMD Ryzen 7900 threads
  • 6GB DDR5 @ 5600MHz
  • 30GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • 6 Tbit/s DDoS protection
Best Seller



Reduced from $39

5 Different Locations

Package Specifications

  • 3 AMD Ryzen 7900 threads
  • 10GB DDR5 @ 5600MHz
  • 51GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • 6 Tbit/s DDoS protection



Reduced from $59

5 Different Locations

Package Specifications

  • 4 AMD Ryzen 7900 threads
  • 16GB DDR5 @ 5600MHz
  • 70GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • 6 Tbit/s DDoS protection

We make four promises

Premium hardware

We use only state-of-the-art hardware for all our product lines—for example, AMD Ryzen 7900 CPUs for gaming and AMD EPYC™ 9654 processors for VPS.

99% uptime SLA

Join us to experience an unparalleled reliability through our fully redundant, private, and secure infrastructure that sets us apart from the competition.

24/7 assistance

Allow yourself to concentrate on your business like never before, knowing that if you ever need assistance, our team is there 24/7/365, including holidays.

Support that matters

We care about your success. No matter the size of your operation, you will always have a dedicated account manager or contact person here at Terabit.

Contact our live chat if you have any questions

Frequently asked

Do you only offer game hosting?

We offer flexible solutions for your hosting needs, such as dedicated bare-metal servers, game hosting, virtual dedicated servers, and virtual private servers.

Which games servers do you offer?

We currently have 12 games in our collection. All of them can be seen on the game server page. If you have any suggestions for new game server offerings, reach out!

What is important in a game host?

Consider factors like server location, performance, DDoS protection, scalability, customer support, and price when choosing your new game hosting provider.

What is server latency or ping?

Server latency or ping measures the time it takes for data to travel between your computer and the game server. We have support for A2S caching and anycast.

Can I run mods / plugins on my game server?

Yes, all of our game server offerings support mods or plugins. You can install and manage mods / plugins via our game server panel.

What is DDoS protection, and do I need it?

DDoS protection helps defend your game server from malicious attacks. It's essential for maintaining server stability, especially for popular games.

How much does game hosting cost?

We charge a set amount for each CPU thread, RAM and SSD storage. We believe this ensures fairness and consistency in our service.

Is there 24/7/365 customer support?

Yes, we are a global team and have staff covering all hours of the day, 365 days a year.

We accept